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Houston flooding help needed!


We are trying to fill 2 semi trucks with much needed emergency items to assist those who have been affected by the terrible flooding in the Houston area. If you don't or can't physically donate any of the following items, you may assist by donating money for us to buy those items that don't get donated: hygiene kits, new socks and underwear, feminine hygiene products, air mattresses, towels, pillows, diapers, stretch pants (all sizes), protein bars, granola bars. Sorry, no clothes, canned food or bottled water.

Can you help flood victims in the Houston, Texas area? 

Please donate! We are going down to help!


Thousands of people are homeless. Thousands more are without water and food and only have the clothes on their back.

We can't take water and food down with us. They are too heavy. We need to buy it there. We are going down this week to help as much as we can by buying water, food, cooking stoves and clothes and distributing it to those who have been displaced.

Can you donate today to help the flood victims in Peru? 


When parents struggle just to put food on the table, shoes for their children are the last things on their minds. This project will purchase children’s shoes and bring them to poor villages where they are given to needy children.

We also need help building a kitchen at their school so the children don't have to walk home just to have lunch.

Can you help these children?


URGENT! The Clinic Peru Ninez is located in a very poor area, which currently has no access to the sewer system. The septic tank is now full and there is no service available to empty it, which causes human waste to run down the dirt streets. The state charges $1900 soles to hook up to their system. The architect’s cost is $1000 soles and the construction of the sewer is estimated at $4000 soles. Can you help us help them?




The children needing our help live high in the Andes, and it is a 3-day walk to any neighboring village. They suffer from respiratory diseases, as well as frostbite on their face and hands due to the bitter cold (as you can see in the photos). They are in need of children's winter coats, pants, sweaters, boots, gloves, and any other warm clothes as well as school supplies. 


As an infant, Milagro was badly burned in a home fire. The doctors offered little hope for her survival. She is literally a miracle! Milagro recently had skin graft surgery at the cost of $5000 soles. In order to prepare her for future surgeries, Milagro desperately needs skin expanders at the cost of $1500 soles each. Please help us continue this miracle.


Michael, a very nice young man, was also badly burned and disfigured in a home fire. His injuries include a loss of his left ear and most of his left hand. His first surgery cost $5000 soles. He too needs skin expanders at the cost of $1500 soles each to prepare him for future surgeries.


Carmen, who runs this clinic, uses an extension cord from her home to the clinic across the street for access to electricity, which creates a very dangerous situation. The electrical current is more than what the extension cord can safely handle, creating a fire hazard. Please donate to help the clinic receive electricity. City hookup alone is $1900 soles. Construction is another $3000 soles. Can you help them today?


The needy people come to the Clinic Peru Ninez bringing their injured and sick children. The parents have very little education and job skills. We are trying to establish a vocational education program to assist the parents with marketable skills while they are here with their children. These educational needs are basic but can change the lives of families for generations. We need help with:

- Training to raise chickens and build chicken coops

- Home gardening techniques

- Education to work in the sewing trade

- Education to work in the baking trade

So much is needed. Can you help them?


Anthony was also badly burned and disfigured in a home fire. He has had his first surgery at the cost of $5000 soles and he too needs skin expanders costing $1500 soles each to help prepare his skin for future corrective surgery.


Yamile, a very pretty 10-year-old girl, is completely blind. She is in need corneal transplants. We have a doctor in Peru that is willing to do the surgery at a discount of $6500 soles, but donations are still needed to make this life-changing surgery a reality. Please help Yamile see again.


The Clinic Peru Ninez desperately needs water for their facility. The state charges $1900 soles for the clinic to connect to their system and there are no funds available. Please help them make this dream come true so they can continue helping those in need in their small clinic.


The Clinic Peru Ninez is in desperate need of a kitchen. Currently, they have one hot plate to cook meals and heat water for the entire clinic. They are currently using the kitchen space for patients, as they do not have a therapy room. (See below for that need). Their kitchen needs include a stove, sink, refrigerator, counter tops and cabinets. Please help them make this dream come true so they can continue helping those in need in their small clinic.


With four patients (Yamile, Milagros, Michael and Anthony) having recent surgeries, recovery needs are paramount. Skin expanders, sterile bandages, recovery beds, and other supply needs are expensive. Can you help provide the needed supplies to help them and others continue in their recovery?


The Clinic Peru Ninez is in desperate need of a physical therapy room. After treatment, patients must be transported to the hospital at great cost to the clinic. A patient therapy room will allow them to recover on site, saving thousands of dollars. Sometimes they have to put beds in non-sterile rooms. The construction costs have been estimated at $4000 soles in materials and $10,000 soles in labor costs. Can you help them achieve this dream?

The current conversion rate of soles to US dollars is 3 to 1. For every dollar donated, it turns into 3 soles in Peru.
If you desire to donate to a specific project, please not which project on your PayPal donation page. Thank you!

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