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Please donate! We are going down to help!


Thousands of people are homeless. Thousands more are without water and food and only have the clothes on their back.

We can't take water and food down with us. They are too heavy. We need to buy it there. We are going down this week to help as much as we can by buying water, food, cooking stoves and clothes and distributing it to those who have been displaced.

Can you donate today to help the flood victims in Peru? 

How to help

We have been helping children and families in some of the poorest, underdeveloped and unserved areas of Peru. There are so many needs. See our Projects page to see how you can help.

Flood Relief Needs

From food to stoves to water to places to live. So many people and not enough resources. Please donate money for our next trip down to Peru to buy stoves, food and other necessities that so many families are clamoring for. The government can only do so much.

Medical Needs

Many of the medical needs arise from burns to children while at home. Corrective surgeries, medical supplies, skin expanders, sterile bandages, are just a few of the things that will change their lives.


Educational Needs
Schools in these rural areas are underserved, undersupplied and in desperate need of educational materials. Adult vocational training is in need of your experience.


Hygiene Needs
Most of these remote, underdeveloped areas lack the basics: clean running water, sewer facilities, electricity and the training to safely use and maintain basic personal and community hygiene.


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